Dragon Age Inquisition Comic-Con Gameplay

This will be my official Boston Comic Con lineup! I’m so excited! I’ll be there Friday by myself so if you’re going let’s meet up! 

Saturday Aaron will be joining me and then Sunday Aaron again along with Tawny and I also convinced my mom and her friend to come along :p 

I’m so excited!


By Saffels Photography


New Mass Effect Mako Animation and First Details!

Straight from the Mass Effect panel at SDCC, we have some info on the next Mass Effect game, starting with everyone’s favorite rolling tank, the Mako!

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The Ocarina Cycle by


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Ahhhhhh less than 3 months until I’m here!!!!! :D

Who’s going to Boston Comic Con in two weeks!? Let’s be friends! ^.^

I’ll be going as Female Link two days and an old school Lara ( not sure which one yet) the other day!


✧ Mahavid: T-GES Mineral Works

Mass Effect Scenery Porn [x]


I just want to dig a deep hole, and live in it.